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ESEA : Section 1308

Section 1308 of the ESEA states, in part, that the Secretary, in consultation with the States, shall ensure the linkage of migrant student record systems for the purpose of electronically exchanging, among the States, health and educational information regarding all migratory students. The Secretary shall ensure such linkage occurs in a cost-effective manner, utilizing systems used by the States prior to, or developed after, the date of enactment of the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001, and shall determine the minimum data elements that each State receiving funds under this part shall collect and maintain. Such elements may include (i) immunization records and other health information; (ii) elementary and secondary academic history (including partial credit), credit accrual, and results from State assessments required under section 1111(b); (iii) other academic information essential to ensuring that migratory children achieve to high standards; and (iv) eligibility for services under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act .A State educational agency or local educational agency receiving assistance under this part shall make student records available to another State educational agency or local educational agency that requests the records at no cost to the requesting agency, if the request is made in order to meet the needs of a migratory child (e) DATA COLLECTION- The Secretary shall direct the National Center for Education Statistics to collect data on migratory children.