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Regulations: Part 300 / C

Subpart C--Local Educational Agency Eligibility

Sec. 300.200 Condition of assistance.

An LEA is eligible for assistance under Part B of the Act for a fiscal year if the agency submits a plan that provides assurances to the SEA that the LEA meets each of the conditions in Sec. Sec. 300.201 through 300.213.

Sec. 300.201 Consistency with State policies.

The LEA, in providing for the education of children with disabilities within its jurisdiction, must have in effect policies, procedures, and programs that are consistent with the State policies and procedures established under Sec. Sec. 300.101 through 300.163, and Sec. Sec. 300.165 through 300.174.

Sec. 300.202 Use of amounts.

Sec. 300.203 Maintenance of effort.

Sec. 300.204 Exception to maintenance of effort.

Notwithstanding the restriction in Sec. 300.203(a), an LEA may reduce the level of expenditures by the LEA under Part B of the Act below the level of those expenditures for the preceding fiscal year if the reduction is attributable to any of the following:

Sec. 300.205 Adjustment to local fiscal efforts in certain fiscal years.

Sec. 300.206 Schoolwide programs under title I of the ESEA.

Sec. 300.207 Personnel development.

The LEA must ensure that all personnel necessary to carry out Part B of the Act are appropriately and adequately prepared, subject to the requirements of Sec. 300.156 (related to personnel qualifications) and section 2122 of the ESEA.

Sec. 300.208 Permissive use of funds.

Sec. 300.209 Treatment of charter schools and their students.

Sec. 300.210 Purchase of instructional materials.

Sec. 300.211 Information for SEA.

The LEA must provide the SEA with information necessary to enable the SEA to carry out its duties under Part B of the Act, including, with respect to Sec. Sec. 300.157 and 300.160, information relating to the performance of children with disabilities participating in programs carried out under Part B of the Act.

Sec. 300.212 Public information.

The LEA must make available to parents of children with disabilities and to the general public all documents relating to the eligibility of the agency under Part B of the Act.

Sec. 300.213 Records regarding migratory children with disabilities.

The LEA must cooperate in the Secretary's efforts under section 1308 of the ESEA to ensure the linkage of records pertaining to migratory children with disabilities for the purpose of electronically exchanging, among the States, health and educational information regarding those children.

Sec. 300.220 Exception for prior local plans.

Sec. 300.221 Notification of LEA or State agency in case of ineligibility.

If the SEA determines that an LEA or State agency is not eligible under Part B of the Act, then the SEA must--

Sec. 300.222 LEA and State agency compliance.

Sec. 300.223 Joint establishment of eligibility.

Sec. 300.224 Requirements for establishing eligibility.

Sec. 300.225 [Reserved]

Sec. 300.226 Early intervening services.

Sec. 300.227 Direct services by the SEA.

Sec. 300.228 State agency eligibility.

Any State agency that desires to receive a subgrant for any fiscal year under Sec. 300.705 must demonstrate to the satisfaction of the SEA that--

Sec. 300.229 Disciplinary information.

Sec. 300.230 SEA flexibility.