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U.S. Department of Education: Promoting Educational Excellence for all Americans
Regulations: Part 300 / E

Subpart E--Procedural Safeguards

Sec. 300.500 Responsibility of SEA and other public agencies.

Each SEA must ensure that each public agency establishes, maintains, and implements procedural safeguards that meet the requirements of Sec. Sec. 300.500 through 300.536.

Sec. 300.501 Opportunity to examine records; parent participation in meetings.

Sec. 300.502 Independent educational evaluation.

Sec. 300.503 Prior notice by the public agency; content of notice.

Sec. 300.504 Procedural safeguards notice.

Sec. 300.505 Electronic mail.

A parent of a child with a disability may elect to receive notices required by Sec. Sec. 300.503, 300.504, and 300.508 by an electronic mail communication, if the public agency makes that option available.

Sec. 300.506 Mediation.

Sec. 300.507 Filing a due process complaint.

Sec. 300.508 Due process complaint.

Sec. 300.509 Model forms.

Sec. 300.510 Resolution process.

Sec. 300.511 Impartial due process hearing.

Sec. 300.512 Hearing rights.

Sec. 300.513 Hearing decisions.

Sec. 300.514 Finality of decision; appeal; impartial review.

Sec. 300.515 Timelines and convenience of hearings and reviews.

Sec. 300.516 Civil action.

Sec. 300.517 Attorneys' fees.

Sec. 300.518 Child's status during proceedings.

Sec. 300.519 Surrogate parents.

Sec. 300.520 Transfer of parental rights at age of majority.

Sec. 300.530 Authority of school personnel.

Sec. 300.531 Determination of setting.

The child's IEP Team determines the interim alternative educational setting for services under Sec. 300.530(c), (d)(5), and (g).

Sec. 300.532 Appeal.

Sec. 300.533 Placement during appeals.

When an appeal under Sec. 300.532 has been made by either the parent or the LEA, the child must remain in the interim alternative educational setting pending the decision of the hearing officer or until the expiration of the time period specified in Sec. 300.530(c) or (g), whichever occurs first, unless the parent and the SEA or LEA agree otherwise.

Sec. 300.534 Protections for children not determined eligible for special education and related services.

Sec. 300.535 Referral to and action by law enforcement and judicial authorities.

Sec. 300.536 Change of placement because of disciplinary removals.

Sec. 300.537 State enforcement mechanisms.

Notwithstanding Sec. Sec. 300.506(b)(7) and 300.510(d)(2), which provide for judicial enforcement of a written agreement reached as a result of mediation or a resolution meeting, there is nothing in this part that would prevent the SEA from using other mechanisms to seek enforcement of that agreement, provided that use of those mechanisms is not mandatory and does not delay or deny a party the right to seek enforcement of the written agreement in a State court of competent jurisdiction or in a district court of the United States.