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U.S. Department of Education: Promoting Educational Excellence for all Americans
Regulations: Part 300 / E / 300.504 / c

(c) Contents. The procedural safeguards notice must include a full explanation of all of the procedural safeguards available under Sec. 300.148, Sec. Sec. 300.151 through 300.153, Sec. 300.300, Sec. Sec. 300.502 through 300.503, Sec. Sec. 300.505 through 300.518, Sec. 300.520, Sec. Sec. 300.530 through 300.536 and Sec. Sec. 300.610 through 300.625 relating to--

(1) Independent educational evaluations;

(2) Prior written notice;

(3) Parental consent;

(4) Access to education records;

(5) Opportunity to present and resolve complaints through the due process complaint and State complaint procedures, including--

(i) The time period in which to file a complaint;

(ii) The opportunity for the agency to resolve the complaint; and

(iii) The difference between the due process complaint and the State complaint procedures, including the jurisdiction of each procedure, what issues may be raised, filing and decisional timelines, and relevant procedures;

(6) The availability of mediation;

(7) The child's placement during the pendency of any due process complaint;

(8) Procedures for students who are subject to placement in an interim alternative educational setting;

(9) Requirements for unilateral placement by parents of children in private schools at public expense;

(10) Hearings on due process complaints, including requirements for disclosure of evaluation results and recommendations;

(11) State-level appeals (if applicable in the State);

(12) Civil actions, including the time period in which to file those actions; and

(13) Attorneys' fees.