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Regulations: Part 300 / E / 300.512 / a

(a) General. Any party to a hearing conducted pursuant to Sec. Sec. 300.507 through 300.513 or Sec. Sec. 300.530 through 300.534, or an appeal conducted pursuant to Sec. 300.514, has the right to--

(1) Be accompanied and advised by counsel and by individuals with special knowledge or training with respect to the problems of children with disabilities, except that whether parties have the right to be represented by non-attorneys at due process hearings is determined under State law;

(2) Present evidence and confront, cross-examine, and compel the attendance of witnesses;

(3) Prohibit the introduction of any evidence at the hearing that has not been disclosed to that party at least five business days before the hearing;

(4) Obtain a written, or, at the option of the parents, electronic, verbatim record of the hearing; and

(5) Obtain written, or, at the option of the parents, electronic findings of fact and decisions.