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U.S. Department of Education: Promoting Educational Excellence for all Americans
Regulations: Part 300 / F / 300.600 / a

(a) The State must--

(1) Monitor the implementation of this part;

(2) Make determinations annually about the performance of each LEA using the categories in Sec.300.603(b)(1);

(3) Enforce this part, consistent with Sec.300.604, using appropriate enforcement mechanisms, which must include, if applicable, the enforcement mechanisms identified in Sec.300.604(a)(1) (technical assistance), (a)(3) (conditions on funding of an LEA), (b)(2)(i) (a corrective action plan or improvement plan), (b)(2)(v) (withholding funds, in whole or in part, by the SEA), and (c)(2) (withholding funds, in whole or in part, by the SEA); and

(4) Report annually on the performance of the State and of each LEA under this part, as provided in Sec.300.602(b)(1)(i)(A) and (b)(2).