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U.S. Department of Education: Promoting Educational Excellence for all Americans
Regulations: Part 300 / G

Subpart G--Authorization, Allotment, Use of Funds, and Authorization of Appropriations

Sec. 300.700 Grants to States.

Sec. 300.701 Outlying areas, freely associated States, and the Secretary of the Interior.

Sec. 300.702 Technical assistance.

Sec. 300.703 Allocations to States.

Sec. 300.704 State-level activities.

Sec. 300.705 Subgrants to LEAs.

Sec. 300.706 [Reserved]

Secretary of the Interior

Sec. 300.707 Use of amounts by Secretary of the Interior.

Sec. 300.708 Submission of information.

The Secretary may provide the Secretary of the Interior amounts under Sec. 300.707 for a fiscal year only if the Secretary of the Interior submits to the Secretary information that--

Sec. 300.709 Public participation.

In fulfilling the requirements of Sec. 300.708 the Secretary of the Interior must provide for public participation consistent with Sec. 300.165.

Sec. 300.710 Use of funds under Part B of the Act.

Sec. 300.711 Early intervening services.

Sec. 300.712 Payments for education and services for Indian children with disabilities aged three through five.

Sec. 300.713 Plan for coordination of services.

Sec. 300.714 Establishment of advisory board.

Sec. 300.715 Annual reports.

Sec. 300.716 Applicable regulations.

The Secretary of the Interior must comply with the requirements of Sec. Sec. 300.103 through 300.108, 300.110 through 300.124, 300.145 through 300.154, 300.156 through 300.160, 300.165, 300.170 through 300.186, 300.226, 300.300 through 300.606, 300.610 through 300.646, and 300.707 through 300.716.

Sec. 300.717 Definitions applicable to allotments, grants, and use of funds.

As used in this subpart--

Sec. 300.718 Acquisition of equipment and construction or alteration of facilities.