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Section 300.510 (Resolution process) has been revised, as follows:

(1) Section 300.510(b)(1), regarding the resolution period, has been changed to state that a due process hearing "may occur" (in lieu of "must occur") by the end of the resolution period, if the parties have not resolved the dispute that formed the basis for the due process complaint.

(2) A new Sec. 300.510(b)(3) has been added to provide that, except where the parties have jointly agreed to waive the resolution process or to use mediation (notwithstanding Sec. 300.510(b)(1) and (2)), the failure of a parent filing a due process complaint to participate in the resolution meeting will delay the timelines for the resolution process and due process hearing until the meeting is held.

(3) A new Sec. 300.510(b)(4) has been added to provide that if an LEA is unable to obtain the participation of the parent in the resolution meeting after reasonable efforts have been made, and documented using the procedures in Sec. 300.322(d), the LEA may, at the conclusion of the 30-day resolution period, request that a hearing officer dismiss the parent's due process complaint.

(4) A new paragraph (b)(5) of Sec. 300.510 has been added to provide that, if the LEA fails to hold the resolution meeting within 15 days of receiving notice of a parent's due process complaint or fails to participate in the resolution meeting, the parent may seek the intervention of a hearing officer to begin the due process hearing timelines.

(5) A new Sec. 300.510(c) (Adjustments to the 30-day resolution period) has been added that specifies exceptions to the 30-day resolution period (e.g., (A) both parties agree in writing to waive the resolution meeting; (B) after either the mediation or resolution meeting starts but before the end of the 30-day period, the parties agree in writing that no agreement is possible; or (C) if both parties agree in writing to continue the mediation at the end of the 30-day resolution period, but later, the parent or public agency withdraws from the mediation process). Subsequent paragraphs have been renumbered accordingly.

(6) Paragraph (d)(2) of Sec. 300.510 (proposed paragraph(c)(2)), regarding the enforceability of a written settlement agreement in any State court of competent jurisdiction or in a district court of the United States, has been expanded to add the SEA, if the State has other mechanisms or procedures that permit parties to seek enforcement of resolution agreements, pursuant to a new Sec. 300.537.