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Allotments, Grants, and Use of Funds

Section 300.701(a)(1)(ii)(A), regarding the applicable requirements of Part B of the Act that apply to freely associated States, has been revised by removing the five listed requirements because those requirements did not include all requirements that apply to freely associated States. This change clarifies that freely associated States must meet the applicable requirements that apply to States under Part B of the Act.

Section 300.704(c)(3)(i), regarding the requirement to develop, annually review, and revise (if necessary) a State plan for the high cost fund, has been revised to add a new paragraph (F) that requires that if the State elects to reserve funds for supporting innovative and effective ways of cost sharing, it must describe in its State plan how these funds will be used.

Section 300.706 (Allocation for State in which by-pass is implemented for parentally-placed private school children with disabilities) has been removed because it is no longer applicable. The section has been redesignated as "Reserved."