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Secretary of the Interior

Section 300.707 (Use of amounts by Secretary of the Interior) has been changed, as follows:

(1) The definition of Tribal governing body of a school has been replaced with the definition of tribal governing body from 25 U.S.C. 2021(19).

(2) Section 300.707(c), regarding an additional requirement under "Use of amounts by Secretary of the Interior," has been revised to clarify that, with respect to all other children aged 3 to 21, inclusive, on reservations, the SEA of the State in which the reservation is located must ensure that all the requirements of Part B of the Act are met.

Section 300.713 (Plan for coordination of services) has been revised to require (1) in Sec. 300.713(a), the Secretary of the Interior to develop and implement a plan for the coordination of services for all Indian children with disabilities residing on reservations served by elementary schools and secondary schools for Indian children operated or funded by the Secretary of the Interior, and (2) in Sec. 300.713(b), the plan to provide for the coordination of services benefiting these children from whatever source covered by the plan, including SEAs, and State, local, and tribal juvenile and adult correctional facilities.