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Transportation (Sec. 300.34(c)(16))

Comment: A few commenters stated that the definition of transportation should require transportation to be provided between school and other locations in which IEP services are provided. Other commenters requested that the definition explicitly define transportation as door-to-door services, including provisions for an aide to escort the child to and from the bus each day.

Discussion: A child's IEP Team is responsible for determining whether transportation between school and other locations is necessary in order for the child to receive FAPE. Likewise, if a child's IEP Team determines that supports or modifications are needed in order for the child to be transported so that the child can receive FAPE, the child must receive the necessary transportation and supports at no cost to the parents. We believe the definition of transportation is sufficiently broad to address the commenters' concerns. Therefore, we decline to make the requested changes to the definition.

Changes: None.

Comment: Some commenters recommended removing the term "special transportation" from the definition of transportation because the term gives the impression that adapted buses are used for a separate and different transportation system, when, in fact, adapted buses are part of the regular transportation fleet and system. These commenters stated that adapted buses should only be used as a separate, special transportation service if the child's IEP indicates that the transportation needs of the child can be met only with transportation services that are separate from the transportation services for all children.

Discussion: We do not believe it is necessary to make the change requested by the commenters. It is assumed that most children with disabilities will receive the same transportation provided to nondisabled children, consistent with the LRE requirements in Sec. Sec. 300.114 through 300.120, unless the IEP Team determines otherwise. While we understand the commenter's concern, adapted buses may or may not be part of the regular transportation system in a particular school system. In any case, if the IEP Team determines that a child with a disability requires transportation as a related service in order to receive FAPE, or requires supports to participate in integrated transportation with nondisabled children, the child must receive the necessary transportation or supports at no cost to the parents.

Changes: None.