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Scientifically based research (new Sec. 300.35)

Comment: A number of commenters requested that the regulations include a definition of scientifically based research.

Discussion: The definition of scientifically based research is important to the implementation of Part B of the Act and, therefore, we will include a reference to the definition of that term in section 9101(37) of the ESEA.

For the reasons set forth earlier in this notice, we are not including definitions from other statutes in these regulations. However, we will include the current definition of scientifically based research in section 9101(37) of the ESEA here for reference.

Scientifically based research--

(a) Means research that involves the application of rigorous, systematic, and objective procedures to obtain reliable and valid knowledge relevant to education activities and programs; and

(b) Includes research that--

(1) Employs systematic, empirical methods that draw on observation or experiment;

(2) Involves rigorous data analyses that are adequate to test the stated hypotheses and justify the general conclusions drawn;

(3) Relies on measurements or observational methods that provide reliable and valid data across evaluators and observers, across multiple measurements and observations, and across studies by the same or different investigators;

(4) Is evaluated using experimental or quasi-experimental designs in which individuals, entities, programs, or activities are assigned to different conditions and with appropriate controls to evaluate the effects of the condition of interest, with a preference for random-assignment experiments, or other designs to the extent that those designs contain within-condition or across-condition controls;

(5) Ensures that experimental studies are presented in sufficient detail and clarity to allow for replication or, at a minimum, offer the opportunity to build systematically on their findings; and

(6) Has been accepted by a peer-reviewed journal or approved by a panel of independent experts through a comparably rigorous, objective, and scientific review.

Changes: A cross-reference to the definition of scientifically based research in section 9101(37) of the ESEA has been added as new Sec. 300.35. Subsequent definitions have been renumbered accordingly.