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Written affirmation (Sec. 300.135)

Comment: Several commenters recommended requiring LEAs to forward the written affirmation to the SEA, because this information is important for the SEA to exercise adequate oversight over LEAs with respect to the participation of private school officials in the consultation process.

Discussion: Section 300.135, regarding written affirmation, tracks the language in section 612(a)(10)(A)(iv) of the Act. Including a requirement in the regulations that the LEA must submit a copy of signed written affirmations to the SEA would place reporting burdens on the LEA that are not required by the Act and that we do not believe are warranted in this circumstance. We expect that in most circumstances private school officials and LEAs will have cooperative relationships that will not need State involvement. If private school officials believe that there was not meaningful consultation, they may raise that issue with the SEA through the procedures in Sec. 300.136. However, there is nothing in the Act or these regulations that would preclude a State from requiring LEAs to submit a copy of the written affirmation obtained pursuant to Sec. 300.135, in meeting its general supervision responsibilities under Sec. 300.149 or as a part of its monitoring of LEAs' implementation of Part B of the Act as required in Sec. 300.600. Consistent with Sec. 300.199(a)(2) and section 608(a)(2) of the Act, a State that chooses to require its LEAs to submit copies of written affirmations to the SEA beyond what is required in Sec. 300.135 would have to identify, in writing, to the LEAs located in the State and to the Secretary, that such rule, regulation, or policy is a State-imposed requirement that is not required by Part B of the Act or these regulations.

Changes: None.