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Use of personnel (Sec. 300.142)

Comment: Several commenters requested clarifying language regarding who must provide equitable services to parentally-placed private school children with disabilities.

Discussion: Under section 612(a)(10)(A)(vi)(I) of the Act, equitable services must be provided by employees of a public agency or through contract by the public agency with an individual, association, agency, organization, or other entity. Section 300.142(a) provides that an LEA may use Part B funds to make public school personnel available in other than public facilities to the extent necessary to provide equitable services for parentally-placed children with disabilities attending private schools and if those services are not otherwise provided by the private school to children as a benefit provided to all children attending that school. Under Sec. 300.142(b), an LEA may use Part B funds to pay for the services of an employee of a private school to provide equitable services if the employee performs the services outside of his or her regular hours of duty and the employee performs the services under public supervision and control. We believe that the regulation is sufficiently clear on this point.

Changes: None.