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Establishing responsibility for services (Sec. 300.154(a))

Comment: One commenter suggested posting interagency agreements on SEA Web sites and in public buildings, and making them available upon request.

Discussion: There is nothing in the Act or these regulations that would prohibit an SEA from posting interagency agreements on Web sites, in public buildings, or making them available upon request. However, we believe that it would be unnecessarily burdensome to require SEAs to do so and any decision regarding posting interagency agreements is best left to the States' discretion.

Changes: None.

Comment: One commenter stated that interagency agreements are important because agencies other than SEAs (e.g., mental health agencies that place children in residential facilities) are responsible for providing special educational services. The commenter requested that the regulations specify that residential facilities be allowed reimbursement for providing educational services and that children in these facilities are entitled to FAPE.

Discussion: We do not believe it is necessary to further clarify in the regulations that children with disabilities who are placed in residential facilities by public agencies are entitled to FAPE because Sec. 300.146, consistent with section 612(a)(10)(B) of the Act, provides that SEAs must ensure that children with disabilities receive FAPE when they are placed in or referred to private schools or facilities by public agencies. Whether residential facilities can receive reimbursement for educational services will depend on how States have apportioned financial responsibility among State agencies and we do not believe that regulating on this issue is appropriate or necessary.

Changes: None.