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Obligation of noneducational public agencies (Sec. 300.154(b))

Comment: One commenter expressed concern that Sec. 300.154(b) allows LEAs to discontinue services when there is a dispute with other agencies and requested the regulations require LEAs to bear the ultimate responsibility for providing services.

Discussion: We do not believe it is necessary to further clarify that the LEA is ultimately responsible for providing services because Sec. 300.154(b)(2) sufficiently requires that if a public agency other than an educational agency fails to provide or pay for the special education and related services in Sec. 300.154(b)(1), the LEA or State agency responsible for developing the child's IEP must provide or pay for these services to the child in a timely manner. Disagreements about the interagency agreements should not stop or delay the receipt of the services described in the child's IEP. Section 300.103(c) also addresses timely services and clarifies that, consistent with Sec. 300.323(c), the State must ensure there is no delay in implementing a child's IEP, including any situation in which the source for providing or paying for the special education or related services to a child is being determined. Section 612(a)(12)(A)(i) of the Act provides that the financial responsibility of public agencies (other than an educational agency), including Medicaid and other public insurers obligated under Federal or State law or assigned responsibility under State policy, must precede financial responsibility of the LEA.

Changes: None.