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Performance goals and indicators (Sec. 300.157)

Comment: Several commenters recommended that the regulations retain current Sec. 300.137(a)(2), which requires that States have goals for the performance of children with disabilities in the State that are consistent, to the maximum extent appropriate, with other goals and standards for all children established by the State. The commenters specifically objected to the removal of the word "maximum" before "extent appropriate;" and the removal of the word "all" before "children" in Sec. 300.157(a)(4).

Discussion: Section 612(a)(15)(A)(iv) of the Act specifically removed the words in current Sec. 300.137(a)(2) that the comment references. Therefore, we believe that it would be contrary to the intent of the statutory drafters to restore these words to the regulatory provision.

Changes: None.

Comment: A few commenters requested that the regulations in Sec. 300.156(b) require States to involve parent centers in establishing the performance goals and indicators and measurable annual objectives for children with disabilities.

Discussion: We encourage broad stakeholder involvement in the development of performance goals, indicators, and annual objectives for children with disabilities, including the involvement of parent centers. We see no need to single out a particular group, however. The regulations in Sec. 300.165(a) already require specific public participation in the adoption of policies and procedures needed to demonstrate eligibility under Part B, including this requirement.

Changes: None.