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By-Pass for Children in Private Schools (Sec. Sec. 300.190 through 300.198)

Comment: One commenter stated that Sec. Sec. 300.190 through 300.198 are unnecessary because the Act gives sufficient authority for the Secretary to implement a by-pass for children with disabilities enrolled in private elementary schools and secondary schools.

Discussion: Section 300.190 retains the authority for a by-pass in current Sec. 300.480 and includes additional authority for a by-pass, consistent with section 612(f)(1) of the Act, in cases where the Secretary determines that an SEA, LEA, or public agency has substantially failed, or is unwilling, to provide for equitable participation of parentally-placed private school children with disabilities. When the Secretary authorizes a by-pass it is important that all parties understand the process by which the Secretary determines the funds that will be deducted from the State's allocation under Part B of the Act to provide services, as well as the actions that are required before the Secretary takes any final action to implement a by-pass. When such processes and procedures are clearly described, time, money, and effort are not spent resolving procedural questions. The requirements in Sec. Sec. 300.190 through 300.198 provide this information and we believe are necessary to clarify and ensure effective implementation of the by-pass provisions in the Act. We are making one change to Sec. 300.191(d) to clarify that the Secretary deducts amounts the Secretary determines necessary to implement a by-pass from the State's allocations under sections 611 and 619 of the Act.

Changes: In Sec. 300.191(d) we have substituted a reference to sections 611 and 619 of the Act for a reference to Part B of the Act.