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Universal Design (New Sec.300.160(g)) (Proposed Sec.300.160(f))

(originally published on April 9, 2007 – 72 FR 17748; effective date – May 9, 2007)

Comment: One commenter recommended requiring a State to document where universal design principles are not used.

Discussion: New Sec.300.160(g) (proposed Sec.300.160(f)), consistent with section 612(a)(16)(E) of the IDEA, requires a State (or in the case of a district-wide assessment, an LEA), to the extent feasible, to use universal design principles in developing and administering assessments. We believe that implementing the commenter's recommendation (e.g., documenting ``universal design principles'') would require significant resources and time and be a burden for a State to report. Therefore, we decline to make the change requested by the commenter.

Changes: None.