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Schoolwide programs under title I of the ESEA (Sec. 300.206)

Comment: A few commenters recommended specifying in Sec. 300.206(b) that LEAs can use only funds provided under section 611 of the Act (and not section 619 of the Act) to carry out a schoolwide program under section 1114 of the ESEA. The commenters stated that this change is necessary so that the per capita amount of Federal Part B funds used to carry out a schoolwide program is not artificially inflated by including preschool grant funds that are used to serve children ages three through five who are not placed in a title I school.

Discussion: Section 613(a)(2)(D) of the Act specifically provides that an LEA may use any funds it receives under Part B of the Act to carry out schoolwide programs under title I of the ESEA. Part B funds include any funds an LEA receives under sections 611 and 619 of the Act.

Changes: None.