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Initiation, frequency, location, and duration of services (Sec. 300.320(a)(7))

Comment: One commenter recommended clarifying that the term "duration" in Sec. 300.320(a)(7), regarding services and modifications in the IEP, refers to the length of a particular service session and not the entire IEP.

Discussion: The meaning of the term "duration" will vary, depending on such things as the needs of the child, the service being provided, the particular format used in an IEP, and how the child's day and IEP are structured. What is required is that the IEP include information about the amount of services that will be provided to the child, so that the level of the agency's commitment of resources will be clear to parents and other IEP Team members. The amount of time to be committed to each of the various services to be provided must be appropriate to the specific service, and clearly stated in the IEP in a manner that can be understood by all involved in the development and implementation of the IEP.

Changes: None.

Comment: One commenter requested that the regulations require the IEP to include information about the person(s) providing the services, rather than just a listing of the services.

Discussion: The Act does not require the IEP to include information about the specific person(s) providing the services. Section 614(d)(1)(A)(ii)(I) of the Act precludes the Department from interpreting section 614 of the Act to require public agencies to include information in the IEP beyond what is specifically required by the Act.

Changes: None.