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Public agency responsibility--general (Sec. 300.322(a))

Comment: A few commenters recommended that the notice of the IEP Team meeting include a statement that the time and place of the meeting are negotiable and must be mutually agreed on by the parent and public agency. Other commenters recommended that the regulations emphasize the need for flexibility in scheduling meetings so that districts make every effort to secure parent participation in meetings.

Many commenters requested that the regulations specify how far in advance a public agency must notify parents of an IEP Team meeting. One commenter recommended requiring that parents be notified a minimum of five school days before the date of the meeting.

Discussion: We do not agree with the changes recommended by the commenters. Section 300.322(a) already requires each public agency to take steps to ensure that one or both parents are present at each meeting, including notifying parents of the meeting early enough to ensure that they have an opportunity to attend, and scheduling the meeting at a mutually agreed on time and place. We believe that these requirements are sufficient to ensure that parents are provided the opportunity to participate in meetings. We also believe that State and local officials are in the best position to determine how far in advance parents must be notified of a meeting, as this will vary based on a number of factors, including, for example, the distance parents typically have to travel to the meeting location and the availability of childcare.

Changes: None.