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Initial IEPs; provision of services (Sec. 300.323(c))

Comment: One commenter recommended removing the requirement for an IEP Team meeting to be conducted within 30 days of determining that the child needs special education and related services. Another commenter recommended extending the time to 60 days. A few commenters recommended that the regulations require the meeting to be held no later than 15 days after the eligibility determination.

Discussion: The requirement to conduct a meeting to develop a child's IEP within 30 days of the determination that a child needs special education and related services is longstanding, and has been included in the regulations since they were first issued in final form in 1977. Experience has shown that many public agencies choose to conduct the meeting to develop the child's IEP well before the 30-day timeline. Reducing the timeline to 15-days, as some commenters suggest, would be impractical, because there are situations when both public agencies and parents need additional time to ensure that appropriate individuals can be present at the meeting. Experience has demonstrated that the 30-day timeline for conducting a meeting to develop an IEP is a reasonable time to provide both public agencies and parents the opportunity to ensure that required participants can be present at the IEP Team meeting. Therefore, we decline to alter this longstanding regulatory provision.

Changes: None.