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Accessibility of child's IEP to teachers and others (Sec. 300.323(d))

Comment: Many commenters recommended retaining current Sec. 300.342(b)(3)(i) and (b)(3)(ii), which require teachers and providers to be informed of their specific responsibilities for implementing an IEP, and the specific accommodations, modifications, and supports that must be provided to the child in accordance with the child's IEP. Several commenters stated that a child's IEP should be readily accessible and all those involved in a child's education should be required to read and understand it.

Discussion: Section 300.323(d) requires that the child's IEP be accessible to each regular education teacher, special education teacher, related services provider, and any other service provider who is responsible for its implementation. The purpose of this requirement is to ensure that teachers and providers understand their specific responsibilities for implementing an IEP, including any accommodations or supports that may be needed. We agree with the commenters' recommendation and believe retaining current Sec. 300.342(b)(3)(i) and (b)(3)(ii) is necessary to ensure proper implementation of the child's IEP and the provision of FAPE to the child. However, the mechanism that the public agency uses to inform each teacher or provider of his or her responsibilities is best left to the discretion of the public agency.

Changes: We have restructured Sec. 300.323(d) and added a new paragraph (d)(2) to include the requirements in current Sec. 300.342(b)(3)(i) and (b)(3)(ii).