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Private school placements by public agencies (Sec. 300.325)

Comment: One commenter stated that Sec. 300.325, regarding private school placements by public agencies, is not in the Act and should be removed.

Discussion: We disagree with the commenter. Section 612(a)(10)(B) of the Act provides that children with disabilities who are placed in private schools and facilities are provided special education and related services, in accordance with an IEP, and have all the rights the children would have if served by a public agency. In order to comply with this statutory requirement, Sec. 300.325 explains the responsibilities of the public agency that places a child with a disability in a private school or facility with respect to developing, reviewing, and revising the child's IEP.

Changes: None.

Comment: A few commenters requested clarifying Sec. 300.325(b)(1), which allows the private school or facility to initiate and conduct IEP Team meetings to review and revise the child's IEP at the discretion of the public agency. The commenters stated that this should be changed to "only with the consent of the public agency."

Discussion: We do not believe the suggested change is necessary. Section 300.325(c) is clear that for publicly-placed children with disabilities, even if a private school or facility implements a child's IEP, responsibility for compliance with Part B of the Act remains with the public agency and the SEA. Therefore, it is up to the public agency to determine whether the private school or facility can initiate and conduct an IEP Team meeting to review and revise a child's IEP.

Changes: None.