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Educational placements (Sec. 300.327)

Comment: A few commenters stated that the terms "educational placement" and "placement" are used throughout the regulations and recommended that only one of the terms be used to avoid confusion. A few commenters suggested that the term "educational placement" be defined to include location, supports, and services provided.

Discussion: The terms "educational placement" and "placement" are used throughout the Act, and we have followed the language of the Act whenever possible. We do not believe it is necessary to define "educational placement." Section 300.116, consistent with section 612(a)(5) of the Act, states that the determination of the educational placement of a child with a disability must be based on a child's IEP. The Department's longstanding position is that placement refers to the provision of special education and related services rather than a specific place, such as a specific classroom or specific school.

Changes: None.