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Summary of Public Comments

The Department received four comments on the role of school psychologists in administering IQ tests as described in the proposed analysis of the costs and benefits of this regulatory action. The first commenter stated that it is inaccurate to conclude that fewer school psychologists will be needed, and asserted that school psychologists typically do more than administer IQ tests to students. The second commenter stated that public agencies could realize savings under the proposed regulation by reducing the amount of time school psychologists spend conducting cognitive assessments to document IQ discrepancies. The third commenter requested that the Department remove all language suggesting that potential savings may result from the need for fewer school psychologists to administer IQ tests. The fourth commenter stated that time saved on formal assessments as a result of the need to conduct fewer IQ tests could be used by school psychologists to train school staff in research-validated instructional and behavioral interventions, and to engage in other pro-active pre-referral policies.

All of these comments were considered in conducting the analysis of the costs and benefits of the final regulations. All of the Department's estimates and assumptions on which they are based are described below.