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Amendments to an IEP

When changes to a child's IEP are needed after the annual IEP Team meeting for the school year has been held, Sec. 300.324(a)(4) allows the parent of a child with a disability and the public agency to agree to forego a meeting and develop a written document to amend or modify the child's current IEP. Under the previous regulations, the IEP Team was required to reconvene in order to make amendments to an IEP. Based on our estimate of an average of 1.2 IEP Team meetings per child per year, approximately 1.4 million IEP Team meetings beyond the required annual IEP Team meeting would be held during the 2006-2007 school year. If half of these meetings concerned amendments or modifications to an IEP and parents and agency representatives agreed to forego a meeting and develop a written document in half of these cases, then 350,000 IEP Team meetings would not be needed. The combined opportunity costs for personnel participating in a typical IEP Team meeting are estimated at $307. If drafting a written document to amend or modify an IEP is assumed to cost half as much as a meeting, then this change could result in savings of $53.7 million.