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Statute: TITLE I / A / 607 / f

(f) Correspondence From Department of Education Describing Interpretations of This Title.--

(1) <<NOTE: Federal Register, publication.>> In general.-- The Secretary shall, on a quarterly basis, publish in the Federal Register, and widely disseminate to interested entities through various additional forms of communication, a list of correspondence from the Department of Education received by individuals during the previous quarter that describes the interpretations of the Department of Education of this title or the regulations implemented pursuant to this title.

(2) Additional information.--For each item of correspondence published in a list under paragraph (1), the Secretary shall--

(A) identify the topic addressed by the correspondence and shall include such other summary information as the Secretary determines to be appropriate; and

(B) ensure that all such correspondence is issued, where applicable, in compliance with the requirements of section 553 of title 5, United States Code.