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out the biological parent to obtain consent.

Discussion: Section 602(23) of the Act provides that a foster parent may act as the parent for the purposes of Part C of the Act, unless the foster parent is prohibited from acting as the parent by State law. Thus, it would be inconsistent with the Act to require that a foster parent have custody of the child, or other legal right, to act on

the child’s behalf in matters of early intervention

services if, under State law, the foster parent is not precluded from serving as the parent for that child.

When more than one individual seeks to act as the

parent, §303.27 provides that the biological parent

attempting to act as the parent is presumed to be the parent unless that person does not have legal authority to make decisions for the infant or toddler concerning early intervention service matters, or there is a judicial order or decree specifying another individual to act as the parent under Part C of the Act. Thus, when the whereabouts of the biological parent are unknown (e.g., cases in which the parent is concerned about revealing his or her location due to safety concerns) or the biological parent is incarcerated, but the parent is attempting to act as the parent, the biological parent would be presumed to be the parent. However, when the whereabouts of the biological