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parent are unknown or the parent is incarcerated, and the biological parent is not attempting to act as the parent,

an individual identified in §303.27, including the foster

parent would be presumed to be the parent unless State law, regulations, or contractual obligations with a State or local entity prohibit a foster parent from acting as a parent.

The Act and the regulations are silent on how assertively a State, for purposes of obtaining consent, should seek out the biological parent of an infant or toddler who is undergoing an eligibility determination or who has been determined eligible to receive early intervention services under Part C of the Act. It is the

Department’s position that these regulations should not

prescribe the efforts, including specific procedures or timelines, that a State must make in its attempts to contact the biological parent(s). The procedures and timelines will vary depending on numerous factors, including how judicial orders or decrees are routinely handled in a State or locality, and are best left to the State and local officials to determine in light of State law and policy.

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