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of these regulations. The legal authority that the judicial order grants to the individual is the controlling factor, not the term used to identify that individual. Whether a person appointed as a financial guardian, guardian ad litem, or other guardian (e.g., a law guardian) has the requisite authority to be considered a parent under this section depends on State law and the nature of the

person’s appointment.

Adding a reference to private agencies in §303.27(b)

(2), regarding entities that are prohibited from acting as

a parent, is unnecessary because the language in §303.27(b)

(2) expressly references an EIS provider and the definition

of EIS provider in §303.12 includes any entity, whether

public, private, or non-profit, or an individual that provides early intervention services under Part C of the Act, whether or not that entity receives Federal funds

under Part C of the Act. Therefore, a private agency that

provides early intervention services to a child cannot serve as the parent for that child.

Changes: None.

Parent training and information center (§303.28)

Comment: One commenter recommended adding language to this definition to require that the parent training and information centers provide training that is targeted to