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disabilities, as suggested by the commenters. Nothing in the Act precludes a State from making positive efforts to employ and advance in employment parents of individuals with disabilities if such a policy is consistent with State statute, regulation, and policy. Additionally, section 606 of the Act does not require that States report to OSEP on their efforts to employ and advance qualified individuals with disabilities. In carrying out its monitoring function, OSEP may review, as appropriate, State plans and efforts to employ and advance qualified individuals with

disabilities, but the Department’s position is that it

would not be useful to require States to report this information to OSEP because State hiring and retention plans and efforts vary based on the individual employment needs of each State as do the State laws, regulations, or written policies that govern the certification, licensing, and registration of qualified personnel providing early intervention services in each State Part C program.

Changes: None.

State definition of developmental delay (§303.111)

Comment: Some commenters strongly supported the flexibility afforded States through the regulatory language

in §303.111, regarding a State’s definition of

developmental delay. Other commenters requested that the