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same time ensuring that lead agencies timely correct noncompliance.

Concerning commenters’ requests to have lead agencies

publicly report on timely correction, subpart H of these regulations identifies the specific reporting requirements, including timelines for reporting the correction of

noncompliance. Pursuant to §303.702(b)(1)(i)(A), a lead

agency is required to report annually to the public on the performance of each EIS program on the targets in the SPP. Additionally, every State is required to report on the timely correction of noncompliance in its APR. We decline

to add a reporting requirement to §303.120(a)(2)(iv)

because the SPP/APR reporting requirements regarding timely correction of noncompliance are adequate to ensure that the public and the Department are informed about a lead

agency’s performance in correcting noncompliance under


Changes: None.

Data collection (§303.124)

Comment: One commenter opposed the requirement in

§303.124(b) that statewide data systems include a

description of the State’s sampling methods, if sampling is

used, for reporting certain data required by the Secretary. The commenter opposed this requirement stating that