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available to answer questions and provide support to these families as they access services.

Discussion: The regulations track the language in section 635(a)(6) of the Act, which describes the required public awareness program. Although collaboration with parent advocacy groups or other community agencies regarding public awareness is not specifically mentioned in the Act or these regulations, there is nothing in the Act or these regulations that prevents a State from collaborating with other community resources to disseminate public awareness materials beyond primary referral sources. We do not mandate that public awareness materials be distributed to all parent advocacy groups or community agencies in these regulations because each State needs the flexibility to tailor its public awareness programs to the population of infants and toddlers with disabilities who may be eligible in that State (e.g., a State that serves at-risk infants and toddlers may target specific agencies). This approach will allow States to create and implement a public awareness program that includes the appropriate and necessary components to effectively meet State-specific needs.

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