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Note:  This document has been delivered to the Office of the Federal Register but has not yet been scheduled for publication.  The official version of this document is the document that is published in the Federal Register.

input ensures that stakeholders who have an interest in the

development of a State’s child find system, including

parents of infants and toddlers with disabilities, EIS providers, Council members, and other stakeholders, have adequate opportunity to comment on, and inform, the

decision-making process regarding a State’s child find

policies and procedures.

Changes: None.

Comment: A few commenters recommended removing the phrase

“that will reduce the need for future services” from new

§303.302(a)(3) (proposed §303.301(a)(3)), which requires

each State’s child find system to include rigorous

standards for appropriately identifying infants and toddlers with disabilities for early intervention services that will reduce the need for future services. These commenters stated that eligible infants and toddlers should have access to necessary early intervention services regardless of whether the lead agency or EIS provider

expects the early intervention services to reduce a child’s

need for future services.

Discussion: New §303.302(a)(3) (proposed §303.301(a)(3))

incorporates statutory language from section 635(a)(5) of the Act and reflects the finding in section 631(a)(2) that there is an urgent and substantial need to reduce the