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State reports these data annually to the Department. Pursuant to sections 616(d) and 642 of the Act, the Department uses these and other data to determine whether the State is meeting the requirements of Part C of the Act and these regulations. Given that the Department already collects these data, it is not necessary to incorporate an additional data collection requirement in the application or elsewhere in these regulations.

Changes: None.

Comment: Some commenters recommended that a specific

provision be added to new §303.310(b) (proposed

§303.320(e)) to permit a lead agency to waive the 45-day

timeline requirement if the lead agency or EIS provider made good faith efforts to conduct the initial evaluation, initial assessments, and initial IFSP meeting but the child or family member was unavailable (e.g., due to child or parent illness, work or family vacation scheduling conflicts, or other parent-requested considerations) or the lead agency or EIS provider made good faith efforts to obtain parental consent for the initial evaluation and initial assessment but was unable to do so within the 45- day timeline.

Discussion: As discussed earlier in this preamble, we agree that exceptional family circumstances may make it