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directly from section 632(5)(B)(ii) of the Act. Section 303.344(d)(4) is consistent with 34 CFR 300.323(b) of the

Part B regulations. It is not necessary under Part B of

the Act to require an educational component for children with disabilities who receive preschool services under IEPs because the definition of an IEP in 34 CFR 300.112 of the Part B regulations identifies by cross-reference the many educational components of the IEP.

Section 303.344(d)(4) and 34 CFR 300.323(b) of the Part B regulations both require all IFSPs for children age three and older to include an educational component that promotes school readiness, and to incorporate pre-literacy, language, and numeracy skills. Children age three and older who have IFSPs under Part C of the Act would be those children receiving services in States that have elected to

serve children under the option in §§303.211 and 303.501(d)

or under the option to provide services to children beyond age three until the beginning of the school year in

§303.501(c)(1). Both the Act and these regulations are

clear and need no further clarification.

Changes: None.

Other services (§303.344(e))

Comment: Some commenters requested that this paragraph be

amended to explicitly include childcare as an “other