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where the child resides or to the SEA, to inform the

child’s parent about the impending disclosure and provide

the parent with a specific time period in which the parent may confirm his or her decision to decline, or opt-out of, the disclosure of such information about his or her child.

Permitting States to adopt an opt-out policy, rather than opt-in policy, which would require the lead agency to obtain affirmative parental consent before disclosure of

the limited information identified in §303.401(d)(1) to the

LEA or SEA, allows States the flexibility to balance the privacy interests of parents of children receiving Part C

services and the lead agency’s, SEA’s, and LEA’s respective

responsibilities to identify children potentially eligible for services under Part B of the Act, and to ensure a

smooth transition from the State’s Part C program to its

Part B program. Parents as well as other stakeholders and members of the public have an opportunity to provide input when the State circulates its LEA notification policies for

public participation as required in §303.208(b).

Changes: None.

Definitions (§303.403)

Comment: Two commenters requested that the term education records be changed to the term early intervention records

because use of the term “education” is not consistent with