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“(such as compensatory services or monetary


Minimum State complaint procedures (§303.433)

Comment: One commenter requested that §303.433 be amended

to indicate that either party may request an extension of

the 60-day time limit in §303.433 when there are legitimate

reasons for such a request.

Discussion: Section 303.433 provides that each lead agency must include in its State complaint procedures a time limit of 60 days after a State complaint is filed to complete its review of the complaint and issue a written decision to the complainant that addresses each allegation in the complaint and that contains findings of fact and conclusions and the

reasons for the lead agency’s final decision. Section

303.433(b)(1) further provides that State complaint procedures must permit an extension of the 60-day time limit only if exceptional circumstances exist with respect to a particular complaint or the parties to the complaint agree to extend the time in order to engage in mediation

pursuant to §303.433(a)(3)(ii).

The lead agency determines when there are exceptional circumstances with respect to a particular complaint that would justify an extension of the 60-day time limit in that complaint. A lead agency may extend the 60-day time limit