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Civil action (§303.448)

Comment: A few commenters recommended that §303.448

stipulate that courts have subject-matter jurisdiction over actions brought under sections 615 and 639 of the Act, concerning procedural safeguards.

Discussion: Section 303.448 incorporates sections 615(i) (2), 615(i)(3)(A), 615(l), and 639 of the Act, which provide for the right of an aggrieved party to bring a civil action to appeal the findings and final decision of a

due process hearing. Concerning the commenter’s request to

clarify subject-matter jurisdiction of courts to hear such a civil action, section 615(i)(2)(A) of the Act states that a civil action to appeal a due process decision may be brought in a district court of the United States without regard to the amount in controversy. These sections of the Act set forth the requisite subject-matter jurisdiction for Federal and State courts to hear such civil actions. Thus, it is not necessary to clarify subject-matter jurisdictional grounds beyond those identified in sections 615(i)(2), 615(i)(3)(A), 615(l), and 639 of the Act.

Changes: None.

Subpart F--Use of Funds and Payor of Last Resort

Use of funds, payor of last resort, and system of payments