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the Act and in §§303.510 through 303.521.

With respect to the commenter’s concern about

identifying and monitoring funding sources to pay for a

service for a particular child, under §303.344(d)(1)(iv),

the child’s IFSP Team must identify in the IFSP the payment

arrangements, which include identifying the funding source(s) that will be used to pay for each early intervention service identified in the IFSP. Consistent

with §303.33(b)(9), the role of a service coordinator

includes coordinating the funding sources for early intervention services specified in the IFSP. States may monitor and implement the payor of last resort requirements

in §303.501(a) in a variety of ways. For example, a State

may provide IFSP Teams with a list of resources that may be available to pay for a specific IFSP early intervention service in that State. A State may require service coordinators to review with parents available funding sources to pay for a specific IFSP service based on family- specific circumstances (e.g., military families or children already enrolled in Title V or other programs) in order to implement the payor of last resort provisions in

§303.501(a). Given the parallel requirements in

§§303.33(b)(9) and 303.344(d)(1)(iv) and the variety of

ways in which States may implement the requirements in