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provided at no cost to the parent. If a State elects to continue to provide Part C services for children age three and older who were receiving Part C services, and a parent provides consent for such services, the Part C provisions apply, including those relating to a State system of payments.

Changes: None.

Comment: One commenter asked, with respect to §303.521(c),

whether a State that has a FAPE mandate for children under the age of three or a State that uses funds under Part B of the Act to serve children under age three can have a system of payments to provide Part C services to children from age three until kindergarten.

Discussion: A State that elects to offer services under

§303.211 and has a State law mandating FAPE for children

with disabilities for particular ages (such as ages three through five) must ensure that services that are a part of FAPE for an eligible child in that age range are provided at no cost. If there are Part C services that are

available to a child with a disability under §303.211 that

are not part of FAPE for that child, the State may adopt a system of payments for such services.

Changes: None.

Comment: One commenter requested clarification on