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Act, drew a number of comments. Most commenters objected to this provision due primarily to concerns that an individual representing more than one program or agency on the Council may have potential conflicts of interest in carrying out his or her duties.

Discussion: Section 641(b) of the Act is silent on the issue of whether the Governor must appoint separate individuals to represent each of the constituencies that

must be represented on the Council. The Department’s

position is that it is a reasonable interpretation to allow one individual to serve more than one required Council member role because, in some States, a single agency performs multiple functions that coincide with the Council representation requirements in section 641(b) of the Act. Additionally, allowing a member of the Council to represent more than one program or agency would not result in actual or apparent conflicts of interest because, pursuant to

§303.601(d), no member of the Council may cast a vote (and,

thus, would need to recuse himself or herself from the vote) on any matter that would provide direct financial benefit to that member or otherwise give the appearance of a conflict of interest under State law.

Changes: None.

Use of funds by the Council (§303.603)