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to ensure that the laws it is charged with implementing are carried out. Additionally, as discussed elsewhere in this preamble, the Department is required to solicit public comments through the OMB public review process whenever it intends to remove or add information collections.

Changes: None.

State use of targets and reporting (§303.702)

Comment: One commenter recommended that §303.702(a), which

requires each State to use the targets established in the SPP to analyze the performance of each EIS program in implementing Part C of the Act, be amended to require each lead agency to define geographically the local lead agency or EIS program.

Discussion: There is no local lead agency under Part C of the Act, but rather a State lead agency that is designated by the Governor in accordance with section 635(a)(10) of the Act to be responsible for implementing Part C of the Act in the State. The lead agency implements the requirements of a statewide system under Part C of the Act either by using its own personnel, through contracts with EIS providers or through other arrangements, such as interagency agreements, with State public agencies.

Section 303.12 defines EIS providers as entities or individuals that provide early intervention services under