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and toddlers residing on a reservation geographically located in the State. Under section 643(b)(4), Indian tribes, tribal organizations, and consortia that receive funds from the Secretary of the Interior must coordinate with the State, through the lead agency responsible for providing early intervention services under Part C of the Act in that State. This coordination is to ensure that eligible Indian infants and toddlers with disabilities under the age of three in the State are identified, evaluated, and provided early intervention services. Including a requirement for additional coordination may be unnecessarily restrictive as States, through their lead agencies, and Indian tribes, tribal organizations, and consortia currently use a variety of mechanisms through their child find efforts, interagency agreements, and other methods to meet their respective responsibilities under Part C of the Act.

It is not appropriate to add a nonsupplanting clause to this section because there is no statutory provision that requires Indian tribes, tribal organizations, and consortia to meet a nonsupplanting requirement. Rather, it is the State, under section 637(b)(5)(B) of the Act that must ensure that Federal funds made available under section 643 of the Act will be used to supplement not supplant the