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three and older, we estimate that the annual notice would be approximately five pages long. We further estimate that it would cost approximately $.25 to photocopy a single notice and that approximately 220,000 notices would be needed, based on the number of three and four year old children we would expect to be eligible to continue to receive services under Part C, for an annual cost of $55,000. This estimate would represent a lower-bound insofar as it assumes the notice would be limited to addressing the specific requirements of the Act and these regulations. In order to ensure that all families of eligible children are aware of the potential benefits of continuing to receive services under the Part C programs, States may opt to develop brochures and other materials to publicize this option. For example, the two States that received State incentive grants in FY 2009 each requested approximately $30,000 to support the development and printing of brochures about the Part C option. If all States opted to extend Part C services to eligible children beyond their third birthday and developed and printed similar materials, we estimate that States could spend as much as $1.6 million to provide information on the Part C option to eligible children.

Sections 303.301 through 303.320--Public Awareness,