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for FY 2008 (2008-09 reporting period), only 18 due process hearings were held during this period. If a typical due process hearing lasts no more than 16 hours and an hour of testimony results in roughly 40 pages of printed text, the cost to a State of providing an additional copy of the hearing transcript at $0.50 per page would be $320.00. Assuming that there could be as many as 20 due process hearings, the annual cost of this requirement would be no more than $6,400.

Section 303.520(a)--Policies Related to the Use of Public Benefits or Insurance to Pay for Part C Services

This section addresses the use of public benefits or insurance to pay for Part C services, which is not addressed in the current regulations. Section 303.520(a) establishes three new requirements that are designed to provide important protections for parents of infants and toddlers with disabilities balanced against the need for States to have access to public benefits and public insurance to finance Part C services while implementing the system of payments, coordination of funding sources, and payor of last resort requirements under sections 632(4), 635(a)(10)(B) and 640 of the Act.

Section 303.520(a)(2)(i) prohibits a State from requiring a parent to enroll in a public benefits or