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typing and compiling the report. Of the estimated 1800 hours for completing the APR, it is estimated that 1720 hours will be spent planning (i.e., setting up data collection processes, reporting data, cleaning and analyzing the data, etc.) the report, 40 hours will be spent writing the report, and 40 hours will be spent typing and compiling the report. The total annual burden to States for completing the APR is estimated to be 100,800. The Council reviews, provides comments on, and certifies

the lead agency’s report, and either agrees or disagrees

with the report. The estimated annual burden for the Council is two hours to review, certify, and add comments to each report, as needed.

Collection of information: Annual State Application under Part C of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, as amended. (Information Collection 1820-0550) Affected regulation sections for this information

collection are §§303.101, 303.111 through 303.126, and

303.200 through 303.227. Under §303.101, States are

required to submit in the grant application new and/or revised State policies, procedures, methods, certifications, and descriptions that are described in

§§303.201 through 303.212 of subpart C of these regulations

and assurances for the application requirements in