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5,987 hours total.

Collection of Information: Report of Dispute Resolution Under Part C of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act Complaints, Mediations, and Due Process Hearings (Information Collection 1820-0678) The affected regulation section for this information collection

is §303.430. Under sections 616(a)(3)(B), 618(a)(1)(F),

(a)(1)(H), and (a)(3), 639(a)(1), and 642 of the Act, the Secretary requires States to report data on the dispute resolution procedures the State is required to maintain

under §303.430. Each State must report the number of due

process complaints, number of due process hearings conducted and the number of mediations held and the number of settlement agreements reached through such mediations.

Additionally, if the State has adopted under §303.430(d)(2)

the Part B due process hearing procedures, the State must report on the number of dispute resolution sessions and the number of settlement agreements reached through such resolution sessions. The data collection form provides instructions and information for States for submitting their dispute resolution data.

There are 56 respondents who are required to submit data regarding the Part C dispute resolution process. The total burden for all States was calculated by multiplying